Simplicity in Connections

None of us lives in a vacuum.  I am reminded of this daily.  Relying upon others sometimes goes unnoticed and it’s easy to forget how intricately woven together all of our lives are.  The social hierarchy of feudal Japan reflected this by placing farmers above craftsmen and merchants.  If we don’t eat, we don’t live.

Within each person, each role can be found.  There are the aspects of ourselves that we cultivate and grow that provide sustenance to those around us, and those that protect and serve.  The relationship between teacher and student is the same.  As a student I am there to make it easier for the teacher to teach, and as a teacher I am there to make it easier for the student to learn.  This tension between each trying to make the efforts of the other easier is the gravity that pulls both together along the same path.  The efforts to walk the same path is called training.  O negai shimasu.