Bushido to Mogido-Furuya Sensei repost

originally posted on April 14, 2002

Bushido to Mogido: Bushido means the “way of the Warrior,” or the samurai who stood for courage, duty, patience and loyalty. It was these qualities which made the warrior what he was and it was these qualities which made him a great martial artist as well. Nowadays, we do not talk about the “Way of the Warrior” or Bushido. Nowadays, we are follow Mogido, “The Way of No Shame.” Occasionally, such as the other day, I meet old friends who still aspire to the Samurai and it makes me feel good. Perhaps, these ideas may seem dated and outmoded to most and may be they are not relevant in today’s world. Yet, I find great comfort in these qualities and still I want to see them in my students. Indeed, another name for the way of the warrior is the “way of humanity.” And ultimately, it is through the way of the warrior that we become true humans in the world.

The other day someone quoted one of my Furuya’s Law: Great potential equals great hardship equals great achievement. Even today, I still find it so true.