This temple/shrine in Shinjuku is on the way to Hombu Dojo.  I passed it every morning on my way to train in 2011, and I made a little meander there this past winter.  It is one of the most peaceful places, and, yet, it is surrounded by one of the most populated areas in the world.  There are many temples and shrines all over Tokyo, it just takes a little walk off beaten paths to find them.  That’s the first step.  We get away from what everyone else is doing, and then look around.  Then we have to climb the steps, wash our hands and mouths to purify, and then we are ready.

It is the same in the dojo.  Learning requires effort.  Learning requires the preparation of our bodies for the actions we will perform, and our minds for the thoughts we will confront.  This is one of the things that turn “jutsu” to “do”.  O’negai shimasu.