About Iaido

Iaido has been known by many names: Iai, mutual existence, Nukiai,simultaneous draw, as well as Battojutsu, and skill of sword drawing. Iaido, loosely interpreted as the way of drawing and cutting, is an elegant Japanese martial art that employs a sword as a tool to master one’s own ego. Iaido practitioners learn to control the sword in an effort to control their own minds and reactions to the obstacles and conflicts life presents. Iaido is an ancient art first developed around the 1550’s in feudal Japan. This long tradition has been handed down through the ages in the Samurai warrior class and has a long tradition and culture. Iaido today has been strongly influenced by the Zen philosophy and the teaching of Satsujin Ken Katsujin To, the “sword which preserves life and the sword which destroys.” Today’s Iaido emphasizes “the sword which preserves life” and the spiritual, technical, and physical aspects of the art.

Through the samurai class, many styles of Iaido were created and passed down through the generations. The styles taught at Iaido Tanshinjuku are Muso Shinden Ryu and Toyama Ryu. We do not teach improvisational or movie styles of sword play. We are a traditional Iaido school.