Kent Krumvieda

Mike Parenteau

Mike has been practicing martial arts for over 30 years, most notably, the arts of Tang Soo Do / Tangsoology and more recently, Iaido.

In 2013, Mike was informed (by Medeiros Sabom Nim, his Tang Soo Do instructor) that a Muso-Shinden Ryu Iaido instructor was in the Boulder area. As he was still very interested in Iaido, Mike contacted Steven Shaw Sensei in November of 2013 and asked permission to observe a class. Subsequently, Mike asked Shaw Sensei if he would be willing to take Mike as a student. Mike has been training in Iaido ever since and received his Shodan in Iaido in 2016.

Mike is interested in martial arts history and sharing the arts he enjoys.

Reina Watanabe

Reina began practicing Aikido in 2010 at Tanshinjuku under Kei Izawa Sensei and Mariquita Izawa Sensei. Alongside her training in Aikido, Reina also practiced Iaido under Steve Shaw Sensei. She initially began training in Aikido and Iaido as a way to explore her Japanese heritage, and learn valuable self-defense techniques…practical for a young-woman. Since joining Tanshinjuku, Reina has participated in numerous seminars and demonstrations, and received the rank of Shodan in Aikido and Iaido in 2018. Since earning Shodan, Reina has become assistant instructor in Iaido, and aspires to further her learning through teaching.