Steven Shaw Sensei

Steven Shaw Sensei began his training in Iaido under the watchful eye of the late Rev. Kensho Furuya at the Aikido Center of Los Angeles. While there, he trained in Aikido and Iaido where he received the ranks of Nidan and Sandan respectively. In the process, Steven Shaw assisted with Aikido instruction for the Children’s Aikido program, and assisted with beginning Iaido instruction.

In an effort to provide an alternative lifestyle for his growing family he decided to move to Colorado. Furuya Sensei wrote to Hombu dojo in Japan to ask where Steven Shaw should train. The response sent Shaw Sensei to train under the instruction of Izawa Sensei at Aikikai Tanshinjuku where he became a senior instructor in Aikido and chief instructor of Iaido.

Since moving to Colorado and the passing of Furuya Sensei on March 6, 2007, Steven Shaw has maintained his connection with the Aikido Center of Los Angeles and its Iaido Instructors.  Shaw Sensei continues to develop his iaido and walk the path with a beginner’s mind and has been developing a relationship with Okino Sensei in Japan since 2011.  In 2012, local Iaido instructor, Uchida Sensei invited Iaido Tanshinjuku to participate in a seminar with Oda Sensei from Japan where students were introduced to Seitei Iaido.