How much does it cost?

Dues: $75 per month. Come to as many classes as you like. There are no contracts.

Proper uniform and training sword required. They can be secured through the dojo. Training uniforms with hakama usually start around $250 and a training sword usually starts around $500. Beginners usually start with a bokken(wooden sword, usually around $50) and learn the basics before investing in an iaito, training sword. Interested students should contact the dojo to set up an appointment to watch a class before beginning training.

Is that a real sword?

No.  Though a shinken, or real sword, can be used, most practitioners here use a mogito.  A mogito allows the practitioner to experience the weight and balance of a real sword without the risk of cutting herself. There is no sharpened edge on a mogito, making it a safer tool for self-development.  Some beginners even use a bokken, wooden sword.

Isn’t that dangerous?

No more than leaving one’s home every day.  Since Iaido’s focus is on self-development using the sword as a tool, there is no need for contact.  Injuries from a mogito or bokken are rare.

What can I expect as a new Iaido student?

All interested students should set up an appointment to come and watch a class first.  After a student decides it is right for him/her, then that student can expect to start training with a bokken(wooden sword) until proficiency is demonstrated.  When the student is ready, a training sword (iaito) should be used to develop further.  Iaido is not easy and its complexities continually unfold for all practitioners.  Expect to be discouraged from time to time, but know that training is worth its rewards.